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Away Team One: Dorje

Posted on Mon Nov 15th, 2021 @ 4:59am by Commander Calypso Skyie & Lieutenant Mark Valleroy

Mission: The Dexic Negotiations
Location: Dorje Bazaar

"Transporter room, send down our away teams." Came the command over the comm.

The transporter operator smiled at the team on the pad, "Energizing." He stated, manipulating the panel.

A few seconds later, the five Starfleet personnel rematerialized on the surface of the planet, the construction of the buildings resembling the few natives that were trundling around at this time of day. The team was composed of Mark Valleroy, Rene Rouen as well as an additional petty officer from security, the three of them armed with phasers, along with an Ensign from the science section and a Marine also armed with a phaser.

"Now," Mark said, "there's a...well, the local version of a bazaar over this way. Mix and mingle with the locals, but let's try to keep together in case anything goes south. Talk to people, but be polite and don't try to get anyone worked up. Remember, the idea of the planet joining the Federation isn't universally popular here, and we don't want to get on the wrong side of those who are opposed to it."

A couple minutes passed and the Dexicians weren't very talkative. A couple greeted them in the proper fashion, but one of the crowd had taken one look at the Starfleet personnel and immediately rushed off within seconds of them reaching the bazaar.

One of the Dexicians came through the crowd and approached Mark, hands stuffed in his pockets. He gave a slight bow, more a looking over of the Lieutenant and then met his eyes, his frill remaining flat to his neck, "Greetings, I presume you and your companions are from Starfleet, the ship that's now in orbit?"

"Guilty as charged," Mark said, trying not to seem like he was being a bit suspicious of the new guy. He didn't want to be paranoid, but one of the basic tenants of security work was that sometimes, things were not always what they seemed. "Lt. Mark Valleroy, of the starship Chimera. And who might you be?"

"I am Xevar." He said, glancing around, as if making sure of something, while the bazaar noticeably began to thin out around them, "I request that you come with us. Now." One hand withdrew slowly from his pocket so that a small weapon remained pointed at him. Simultaneously, nine others stepped out of the thinning crowd, weapons already pointed at the Starfleet officers.

"Request, or demand, friend Xevar?" Mark asked. "If request, there is no need for threats. If demand, then are you so distrustful of us that you would risk firing weapons in an area where your own innocent countrymen are, at least for the moment, located?"

"Don't try your Federation psychology on me." He prodded Mark with the muzzle of his pistol, then grabbed the commbadge off of his chest, "Take these off them." He barked at the others, who carefully approached the rest of the away team to remove their commbadges, "If some of my people need to die for the freedom of our world to continue, so be it." He sneered, "Order your men to follow our orders and no one will be hurt." The silent 'yet' was unspoken, but the potential was there.

"We will come with you," Mark said, "but do you really think that taking us like this will change anything? You speak of freedom, yet insist upon trying to prevent the freedom of your fellow Dexicians to decide on their future themselves."

Several of the Dexicians had relieved the phasers from the Federation officers after the commbadges were removed, "Dump those comms down the sewer." The leader commanded to the one who had gathered them all, then motioned with his weapon towards one of the buildings adjacent to the bazaar, two of his people leading the way while he kept a closer guard on the Lieutenant. "You mean the falsified referendum?" He asked, not waiting for an answer, "The Corporations paid someone to give the results they wanted."

He prodded Mark with his weapon, "We survived the Dominion War because we weren't part of the Federation. The Breen knew we were no threat to them, that we took no part in the war, so they left us alone. If we join You, they will come and destroy us whenever they desire. We do this for the safety and freedom of all of us, not the few."

"Are you sure of that?" Mark asked. "Maybe the Breen and the Dominion were only ignoring you until they took care of us first. And even if what you say is true, how is a few of you pointing weapons at a few of us going to change anything?"

"You'll see, oh you'll see. Through that door." He gestured with a free hand to a door that opened as they approached. All five of the Starfleet personnel there were pushed through it, to reveal more armed Dexicians and an old-fashioned cell with iron bars. One by one, the Starfleet officers were relieved of their phasers as well.

One of the new Dexicians looked at Xevar, "The sensor jammer is activated and we have the comm relay set up with cutouts. We're ready to send a message to the ship, our friends up there have made their sacrifice by now. It is the time."

Xevar looked at Mark again, "Mark Valleroy, do you think your commanding officer will leave the system to save your life and those of your friends?"

"Seeing as how she was in the Starfleet Marines," Mark said, "She's almost more likely to lead an away team down her to rescue us herself once she learns you're holding us captive. If you'd really wanted us to leave, the smartest thing to do would have been to present us with evidence that the referendum was falsified as you're claiming."

"Evidence? Talk is cheap." Xevar gave a grin that showed all of his teeth, "That's what they wanted to do. Time for talk is over, now it's time for action."


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