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Commander Calypso Skyie

Name Calypso Calliope Skyie

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 131 lbs
Hair Color Long Blonde
Eye Color Black Eyes, wears Ice Blue Contacts
Physical Description Calypso has a very unassuming look so long as you don't look at her eyes, which are rarely unfocused unless she's just thinking about a situation. She keeps her hair tied in a braid or a ponytail most of the time, just to keep it out of the way. She prefers to wear a flight suit whenever possible because as she says, 'It's comfortable and it has pockets!' When she is presented with a formal occasion, she does tend to go all out and can look quite elegant. Sometimes she walks with a limp, despite that her replacement leg had no difficulties, due to a psychosomatic issue with it.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Craean Skyie
Mother Fiora Skie
Brother(s) First Lieutenant Raiden Skyie (22 at time of death), Federation Marine Corps
Sister(s) Lieutenant Elysia Skyie (31, Starfleet Medical, Starbase McKinley)
Other Family Dog: Artemis (7, Beagle female)

Personality & Traits

General Overview When focused, very little can stop Calypso, keeping her distracted is the best advantage someone can have, but it can be hard to overload her. She's got a good sense of humor and while she has no fear in a social situation, she sometimes plays it quiet and shy to keep people off guard. Born to an empathic species, she actively blocks out other’s emotions whenever she can, to the point where she has mental 'walls' to keep others out. She disdains telepathic communication even with other Betazoids or telepathic species, because she doesn’t believe in delving into the minds of others. If you get her truly angry, her voice goes cold and dead and that's when she's already been pushed too far. She enjoys swimming for an early morning refresher after she wakes up. She constantly has candy or some other snack in one of her pockets and enjoys snacking randomly.
Hobbies & Interests Singing, public or private
Science fiction of all kinds
Flying for the sake of flying
Going on long or short walks (usually with her beagle Artemis)

Personal History Calypso was born in 2354 on Betazed to her parents Craean and Fiora, both archaeologists, who were pretty big names in Betazed historical societies for their research and finds. The family lived out in mostly rural Betazed, about fifty kilometers away from the nearest 'city' of twenty thousand people. Life for the Skyies was about as idyllic as it could be as Calypso went through her childhood and education, graduating from high school in 2372 when she followed her brother into the Marine Corps, but enlisting into the Corps rather than go to the Academy like Raiden. Late 2372 had Calypso finish her Basic Training and as was her typical pattern, she was near the top of her group and graduated with the rank of PFC rather than the PSC of most of her class.
This was, of course, just in time for the deadliest conflict in Federation history: The Dominion War. No sooner had Calypso gotten comfortable in her unit, going through the gentle hazing, when 5th Batt was deployed in an effort to stem the advance of Jemhadar forces and was terrified out of her life for some of the first times in her life. Casualties were heavy among the battalion, Calypso herself obtained a minor graze across her left arm before she was reassigned to act as a sniper after the Company sniper was killed in action. She was only middling as a sniper, often acting as the spotter for the team, After three months of combat, the battalion was withdrawn for some R and R as well as to replenish the ranks. She was promoted to Corporal in mid 2374.
In early 2375, Calypso was reassigned to pilot training as she had shown good coordination and the Corps needed additional pilots. She flew through the training (pun intended) but completed her flight training just before the War ended and was deployed on the USS Quantico for search and rescue operations trying to track down the lost ships and units that were trapped behind enemy lines or just classed as missing in action.
The operations lasted for a few months before the Quantico was redesignated to more combat operations, not because the Dominion was actively defying the peace, but because in the aftermath of the war, some separatist groups made plays towards pushing their planets for independence from Federation and an incursion along the western side of the Federation from an unknown species occurred as well. In her sixteenth assault landing in early 2379, Calypso's unit was lured into an ambush and her shuttle was shot down with a loss of the entire Marine company embarked and her copilot. Cally and one of her flight crew survived the crash and managed to escape and evade until they were picked up a few days later. Being a Betazoid, she felt the entirety of the company die in a single blast, vanishing from her empathic sense in an instant, which affected her more than she likes to ever admit. For a few months, she remained on the Quantico until she received a message from the Marine fighter corps asking if she were once again interested in flying one of the nimble craft.

She was transferred to the USS Essex, one of the Fleet carriers, where she was put through an OCS course as she was trained on the Scorpion and Razor type fighters, eventually finding that the Razor was preferable to the twin-manned Scorpions. She flew with the Essex flight group for nearly three years before she found herself slipping to the bottom third of the group, which at her age of 29, meant her best flying days were over. This was proven shortly thereafter when she was damaged and crashed her fighter onto the flight deck, causing the destruction of the craft and severely injuring her, causing her to lose her leg above the knee.

Calypso was taken off the Quantico and brought back to Earth for her recovery and replacement of her leg, spending several months undergoing the growing of a new leg and re-learning how to walk on it, as well as several dozen psychological evaluations. Being stubborn and unwilling to give up on her service to the Federation, Calypso convinced Starfleet Medical that she was still able to be in Starfleet and be of use, but knew that she could never again fly fighters in combat, instead becoming determined to fly starships. She obtained entry into Starfleet Academy but on a more accelerated course path due to her prior experience, continuing her evaluations while going through her courses with people nearly a decade younger than her. Eventually she 'graduated' from the Academy and found herself as the primary shuttle pilot and a helm officer with the rank of Junior Grade Lieutenant, on board the Hattery Bay, a Sabre-class starship.

Thus began what she saw as a very boring period of her life, as she spent three years on the small ship before her promotion to Lieutenant and transfer to the slightly larger Intrepid-class USS Jefferson. Flying Jefferson was a true joy, given the maneuverability of the class, but she never let it go to her head, instead proving that she could handle the responsibilities of being a department head of the small section as well as a very solid senior officer on the ship. Under Commander Donner's supervision, Cally felt she was at home with Starfleet, but at the core, she was always a Marine. In mid 2389, she was given a new opportunity when she was offered the XO's position on the USS Spitfire, which also came with flying the tiny Defiant-class ship given the tiny size of her crew. She was on board the small ship for about sixteen months, nearly four months longer than most Defiant-class assignments, when she was transferred with a promotion to Lieutenant Commander to be the XO of the Akira-class USS Perseus, under Captain Marjorie Larson's command.

Calypso got along very well with Captain Larson, learning more and more with a much larger ship than she was used to, actually needing to BE the XO rather than a dual-phase type of officer, but she found she excelled at that as well. Larson and Skyie became a one-two punch that made a name for themselves in coming like the cavalry to the rescue and in that other wonderful pastime: Pirate hunting. In October of 2393, the crew was clicking along when they finally ran a particularly devious pirate to ground, or so they thought. Running deep into a dense asteroid field, the pirate ambushed the Perseus with exploding asteroids that destroyed the ship and killed most of the crew, including Captain Larson, and severely injured others including Calypso, who broke her left leg and obtained a major concussion and was evacuated before the ship blew. One hundred thirty-eight survived the destruction of the Perseus.

Calypso was reassigned to ground station duty, going through first the process of healing from her injuries, then running through a long series of psychological evaluations and serving in part as a records retrieval officer while she waited for Starfleet to tell her they had a new assignment for her. It was only after she'd spent a month going in to see the Admiral in charge of personnel that they finally assigned her to her first command, a ship that had until the month previous, been in storage.
Service Record Mid 2372- Enlisted Marine Training
Late 2372- Company C, 5th Battalion, 4th Marine Corps.
2375- Flight Training
Late 2375- Mid 2379- Assault Shuttle Pilot, Warrant Officer, USS Quantico (Assault Transport)
Mid 2379-2380- Marine OCS
2380-2382- Fighter pilot, 2nd Lieutenant-1st Lieutenant, USS Essex (Modified Nebula-class)
2382-2383- Medical rehabilitation, Evaluations
2383-2385- Starfleet Academy
2384-2386- Helm Officer/shuttle pilot, Lieutenant (jg), USS Hattery Bay (Sabre-class)
2386-2389- Chief Helm Officer, Lieutenant, USS Jefferson (Intrepid-class)
2389-2391- Executive Officer/Helm Officer, Lieutenant, USS Spitfire (Defiant-class)
2391-2393- Executive Officer, Lieutenant Commander, USS Perseus (Akira-class)
2393-2394- Ground Duties due to psychological evaluations
2394-Present- Commanding Officer, Commander, USS Chimera