The Sim

Adjust. Adapt. Overcome

The year is 2394, peace echoes throughout the Federation leading to another era of exploration and discovery. The only threats are the usual ones, with the usual opponents, as well as the scourge of occasional pirate activity. The borders of the Federation in all of the Quadrants is being expanded in the name of curiosity.

USS Chimera, NCC 80118, reclaimed from the ruins of the former USS Aegir, repaired and put into mothballs as a new ship, has just been recommissioned and placed under the command of Commander Calypso Skyie, a former Marine-turned-Starfleet officer. Last in line for a refit; Last in line for crew; Last in line for 'interesting' duty assignments.

Placed as out of the way as possible, the closest starbase is Starbase 634, USS Chimera is a Luna-class starship on the edge of beyond. Out of sight, out of mind. Responding to routine signals, investigating anomalies, everything that other Captains don't want to deal with. So what could go wrong?

Murphy has something to say about that.