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Away Team Two: Aneset

Posted on Mon Nov 15th, 2021 @ 5:00am by Commander Calypso Skyie & Lieutenant JG Richard Wayne

Mission: The Dexic Negotiations


[Planetside - Aneset]

"Transporter rooms, send down our away teams." Came the order.

"Ready to go, sirs?" The pretty little petty officer asked before getting a nod from the ranking officer on the pad, "Energizing."

A few moments later, the team rematerialized on the ground in the capital city of Aneset, the buildings with smooth edges, but shorter, much like the natives that stopped to gawk for a moment as the five-person team came into view, before moving on. This time the team was made of Richard Wayne, two petty officers from security, a marine, all four of them armed, as well as Minerva Delacroix from the science section.

Richard took in the city. This was one area he really missed of Starfleet. All the new cities and cultures he got to see. The city itself was busting and seemed to be doing well for itself. They were here to get a feel for the vibe of the city and check into the talks of protests.

His attention was drawn to a small crowd of ten to fifteen people that where gathered a couple blocks down the street to their right. Richard turned to Minerva and his team. "That looks like a protest if I have ever seen one. Let's go check it out." He said as he turned his attention to the security and marines. "Captain's orders were clear we are here on a fact finding mission only keep your weapons holstered and try not to do Marine things." He finished his eyes on the Marine.

“Yes, sir..” The marine grumbled , pointedly moving his hand away from the phaser, he obviously wasn’t happy with the direction, even if it did make sense.

As they began to approach the group of protestors, one of the Dexicians that appeared to be supervising the group finally noticed the team and whispered something to one of the others, who stopped their chanting and took a step backwards. The apparent leader slowly made their way over to intercept the team, hands out to indicate his lack of weapons an led gave what appeared to be a grimace, his neck frill expanding out to frame his face, “Greetings, strangers, what brings you to Aneset city, if I may be so bold as to ask.”

"Greetings I am Richard Wayne Chief Intelligence Officer of the USS Chimera. We are hosting delegates from both Capitols and my team and I were sent here as a fact finding mission to see what the people think of unification.". He said offering his hand in greeting.

The Dexician looked at the hand as if it were a poisonous snake and he took a step back, "I'm... Sorry." He said quietly, as if nervous now, "I meant no offense to you, Richard Wayne, I assure you that I mean you no harm, nor any of your fellows. But..." He seemed to be gathering his courage despite his obvious surge of apparent mortal fear, his frill fluttering as he struggled to maintain it at it's full extension to show, not just say, that he was peaceful and he lost his words.

For a leader this guys sure was jumpy. Richard pulled his hand away as it seemed to upset him. "It was just a show of greeting on my world." He said gesturing to his hand as he put both clasped behind his back. He paid special attention to the whole crowd as he waited to the 'but' to drop.

The non-humans frill stopped undulating as the hand was withdrawn, perhaps this… What was it, human? Wasn’t about to strike for the temerity of addressing him without prior permission, “I… See. Even during the Dominion War, our people were discouraged from associating with those from Starfleet in the rare occasions they came to the surface.” The Dexician peered at the others, noting the weapons, sitting safe in the holsters, “But you were asking about unification.” He gestured to his group, “This protest is all about unification.”

Behind him, the protest seemed to be going strong, but the words tended to be merged with different variations.

“Dexic for Dexicians!”
“Down the Corporations!”
“Representation BY the people, not for the Corporations!”
“For the people, not the Few!”

The leader bowed slightly towards his fellow citizens, before turning back to Richard, “It’s not that we’re against unifying our world or even against joining the Federation, many of us are in favor of both, but we do not trust the leaders of either Dorje or Aneset to do it in the name of Dexic, not for the benefit of our entire planet, but to theirs alone.”

Did the Captain know that there was more going on? Why would they have sent the teams down to check this all out if they didn't know. Richard turned to his team to reassure them everything was good. "I hear them chanting 'For the people not the Few.' Does the majority of people feel under represented or is it just the opinion of the few that they are?" He was cautious how he approached it but was very curious the way this was taking a turn.

“It is well known on Dexic that if you don’t fall in line with the Corporations, you do not get the best opportunities. So the few at the top gain the most resources, the best opportunities to advance.” The Dexician had settled down as they’d talked, “We seek what is best for everyone, not just those who head the Corporations. The plebiscite on the joint topics of unification and for attempting Federation membership officially had results of 97.2 percent and 98.5 percent respectively. Those numbers are not inflated, and I myself voted in favor of both, however there are very many of us that desire representation in the negotiations be of a broad spectrum of our people, not just the CEOs and their lackeys. But it is just those very people who control our diplomatic organs, and have shut us out of any representation in the talks. It has angered many, leading the few bravest of us to protest openly and risk the Corporations’ displeasure.”

"Well you protests have not been done in vain. They were reported and that is why we were sent here to get a better understanding of what is happening on the ground and not just the ceremonial stuff." Richard reassured him that they were not being ignored. "I must ask while the Corporations do not see eye to eye but are willing to try and come to a compromise. Does your people here have any commonality and good standing with the protestors in the other Capitol?"

"We have... Contact with them, yes." The Dexician confirmed, "But the Aneset authorities are less suppressive than the ones in Dorje. It has gotten violent, we have heard, and while we coordinate our protests, we do not share in their desire to hurt anyone." He looked chagrined, then looked up to see a group of police approaching, then clapped his hands three times to get the attention of the one he'd left to supervise the protest and waved dramatically, the signal to disperse and the chanting slowed down and finally stopped as the protestors began to move away one by one, two by two, away from where a small group remained defiantly, silent now, not breaking any laws. "It appears our protest is now over, friends."

Richard watched as they dispersed. He turned his attention to what had caused the end of the gathering. The authorities made there way down the street talking amongst themselves but keeping a stoic look about them as they tried to make note as to which way everyone was running off. As they finally made the approach to them Richard figured to get ahead of the game. "Good day, I am Richard Wayne of the USS Chimera."

The policeman that wore more markings on their sleeve advanced ahead of his unit, which were glowering at the remaining protestors, who were themselves beginning to melt away as the rest of them all ready had. He didn’t seem as perturbed by the lack of a drill or equivalent from the human, but ruffled his own in what would amount to a curt but semi-friendly greeting. He gave a last glower at the protest leader still standing there and turned his attention to Richard, “Greetings, Richard Wayne.” He stated simply, “Is Hedal Biran’ge here pestering you? He and his… type are good at doing so.”

Richard looked at Hedal and then back at the officer. "Not at all he was very friendly and open to tell me some valuable information about the planet and such." He explained.

A moment later one of the Marines called out. "What the hell?! I had the ship on a standby channel, listen to this!" He held up his headset speaker. =^= - ow Alert. Explosion in the shuttle bay, heavy casualties. Medical, you have casualties incoming." =^=

=^= Bridge, from Wayne, we are available for beam-up at yours. =^= "I do not mean to cut our visit short but something has happened back on our ship and I don't have enough answers." Richard told both the lead protestor and the Officer. This was supposed to be a cake walk first mission for him to get back into the uniform and find his new normal and now it sounded like it was anything but.

“Wait.” Hedal was emboldened enough from the support of the Starfleet officer with the authorities and now his chance was leaving, “Will you be returning?”

"I have no clue it depends what is going on. Sounds like an attack and explosion so I have no clue which side is behind it but they will be dealt with. I know my crew here is anxious to get back and help and I have to start figuring out the whys". He was honest with the man.

“Then take our well wishes back your Captain, as well as what I have told you and what you have seen with your own two eyes.” Hedal gave a wary look at the authorities, “I can always be found, just ask for me at the Bazaar in the city center and word will be passed.” He bowed to Richard, frill undulating once.

=/\= Wayne to Chimera bring us back. =/\=. Richard wasn't sure what was taking so long. They had work to do.

The smooth voice of Jenna came over the comm, "Ah'm workin' on it, sir, internal comms are... Oh, okay, transporter room Two is respondin'. Give us ten seconds. Jade out."

It was a few moments later that the away team dematerialized, leaving the Dexicians nothing to look at, but each other.


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