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Lieutenant Mark Valleroy

Name Mark Valleroy

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 175 lbs.
Hair Color brown
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Mark has dark brown hair and brown eyes. He considers himself to be an ordinary-looking human with a quick, almost goofy smile, though some would put him on the attractive side.


Father Derek Valleroy (deceased)
Mother Cassandra Valleroy (nee Pattenson) (deceased)
Brother(s) Jonathan Valleroy
Other Family Melanie Valleroy (nee Thompson, sister-in-law)
Corey Valleroy (nephew)
Connor Valleroy (nephew)

(Note: Mark is currently the legal guardian to both Corey and Connor.)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mark is determined and hard working. He carefully observes what is going on around him, then moves to deal with things in the quickest and most efficient way possible. He thrives on variety and novelty, and enjoys the challenge of solving problems.

He tends to be tolerant of a wide range of behavior, until his ruling logical principles are attacked; at that point, he can express firm and clear judgement. He listens and seems to be agreeing only because he is not disagreeing. Later, others may learn that he was analyzing and making internal judgments.
Strengths & Weaknesses Mark works hard, and can be loyal once you've earned his trust. He likes to think he can adapt to a variety of situations.

Sometimes he doesn't always speak up when he should, and sometimes gets frustrated when people don't see or agree with his way. He also sometimes gets annoyed with people if he considers them to be acting "stupid."
Ambitions Mark just wants to do the best that he can, and doesn't really plan too far in advance as to aiming for any particular position or function. He considers "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" to be a particularly annoying question.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, Holodeck time, Kempo Karate, HaiDong Gumdo, spending time with his nephews.

Personal History Mark was born on Earth to two members of the Federation Diplomatic Corps. His parents were at-large ambassadors, meaning that they were not assigned to any particular embassy, but would rather meet with various representatives from both Federation members and non-Federation foreign star nations who had traveled to Earth for various discussions with the Federation government. Generally these meetings would occur on Earth, but sometimes they would happen elsewhere, and Mark's parents would sometimes be the ambassadors the Federation sent. They would occasionally take Mark and his older brother Jonathan along on the trips.

For his early years, Mark would have what he considered to be a normal childhood. He had friends, would sometimes hang around Jonathan, and, when alone, generally did the kinds of things that a boy growing up on a major Federation world would do.

At age 10, Mark began studying both Kempo Karate and HaiDong Gumdo (a style of Korean swordsmanship). It was a bit of a way, his parents decided, to keep him out of mischief, as they were not always available due to their work, and Jonathan, who was 8 years older than Mark, was about to leave home to start college.

By age 12, he had started to notice girls, but was hesitant to talk to them sometimes. However, he did have several girl friends (friends who happened to be female) in addition to the usual group of guy friends (who would sometimes try to get him to hook them up with the girls he was friends with, though he'd always tell them to go talk to the girls themselves).

When Mark was 15, tragedy struck. His parents, returning from a diplomatic conference with the Gorn, were killed when the starship they were traveling on struck a quantum filament. Jonathan, who by that time had graduated college and had married Melanie (a woman he'd met there), was working on Earth with a civilian shipbuilding company run by a cousin of Melanie's, and he took Mark in. The two brothers comforted each other as best they could.

At age 18, Mark joined Starfleet after hearing a Starfleet recruiter speak at his high school. Not really knowing what else to do with his life, and kind of hating to be thought of as smooching off of his brother and sister-in-law (especially since they'd just had their first child), Mark figured Starfleet was as good an opportunity as any. He majored in security and tactics, with a minor in operations management. He wasn't the best in his class by any means, but he was far from the worst.

After graduation, Mark was assigned to the Akira-class U.S.S. Trellion as a junior security/tactical officer. As he was a junior officer, most of the time was spent handling the mundane things the more senior members of the department didn't want to have to deal with. However, his department head eventually started seeing potential in him, and eventually got Mark reassigned to the Norway-class U.S.S. Haakon as a VIP security officer after Mark had deftly helped defuse an altercation between the diplomats of two different warring factions that were on board for peace talks.

Mark worked his way up to Gamma Shift lead on the Haakon after using some of the things he'd learned form his parents to help with various diplomatic missions that the ship was assigned. Mark was also promoted to lieutenant junior grade during this time.

During a refit of the Haakon, Mark was reassigned to the Galaxy-class U.S.S. Regal. He was assigned as assistant security/tactical chief, as the security/tactical chief there was an old friend of Mark's department head on the Trellion.

It was during this time that a scandal broke out on Earth when a civilian shipbuilding company was indicted by the Federation Justice Department on several major charges, including multiple charges of assisting in smuggling operations of various contraband material, such as weapons and illegal drugs. The company's entire senior management was arrested, along with several mid-level management personnel, and among those arrested were Jonathan and Melanie. As Mark was the only other family member available, he took in their two sons, and gained legal custody of his nephews after Jonathan and Melanie (on the advice of their lawyer) plead guilty to reduced charges after agreeing to testify against others within the company and were sentenced to 10 year prison sentences, to be served in the Federation Penal Settlement in New Zealand.

In 2394, Mark was reassigned once again, this time the Olympic-class U.S.S. Comfort as security/tactical chief, where he served for several months before an incident involving a warp anomaly, a Tribble and a butter churn left the ship in dry dock for repairs. This time, Mark found himself on the U.S.S. Chimera, again as security/tactical chief.

2382-2386: Starfleet Academy
2386-2388: U.S.S. Trellion, security/tactical officer (ensign)
2388-2390: U.S.S. Haakon, VIP security officer (lt. j.g.)
2390-2394: U.S.S. Regal, assistant chief security/tactical officer (lt. j.g.)
2394: U.S.S. Comfort, chief security/tactical officer (lieutenant)
2394: U.S.S. Chimera, chief security/tactical officer (lieutenant)