So Here's What Happened

Posted on Thu Jul 8th, 2021 @ 4:34am by Commander Calypso Skyie

Hi, I'm Calypso Calliope Skyie, my call sign was Calamity, but everyone calls me Cally once they get to know me. Yes, I was a fighter pilot, yes, I was an assault shuttle pilot and well... I was a Marine.

But that's not important right now. I'm sure you're wondering: How did you get here, in command of the Chimera? Well, that's a long story and you'll get it in time. Trust me.

To make that particular long story short, I went to the Fleet after I couldn't fly fighters anymore, learned to fly starships and worked my way up to this, picking up my beagle Artemis along the way. Of course, the ship they gave me is a wonderful Luna-class, but they gave me one that someone else broke and then put back together and stuffed into mothballs.

So what we've got now is a ship that isn't in great shape, not that much in the way of supplies and the Starfleet Office of Personnel promises me that we're getting most of our crew once we get to Starbase 634, to go along with some newly graduated cadets and some enlisted with whatever senior officers they can find.

My question is: Are you up to the task? It's a challenge, but together, We Got This.



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