Players are encouraged to familiarize themselves with Pegasus Fleet Policies at

In addition to these general policies, there are a few additional rules that the Chimera will adhere to.

Posting Requirements

1. Department Heads
- I ask that all Department Heads post at least once a week, however significant progress towards a JP or other post will count towards this requirement. NPCs of the writer of the Department Head also count towards this requirement, unless it's been 2 weeks since the previous post of the Department Head Character.

2. Regular Players
- I ask that all Regular Players (Non-Department Heads) post at least once every 2 weeks.

3. The Posting week begins on Sunday at at Midnight UTC

4. Communications
- USS Chimera uses both Nova (through the Private Messages function) as well as Discord to communicate with each other Out Of Character. Please remain respectful of your fellow players!

5. Player Harassment
- Don't do it. Player harassment is taken very seriously and repeat offenders will be removed from the simulation at the discretion of the Commanding Officers.

6. Character Maximums
- All players will be permitted to hold 1 Player Character (Primary) and up to 3 Non Playing Characters (NPCs) with 1 of the characters as a Department Head. Civilian and Mission-specific NPCs can be unlimited.

7. Character Creation
- USS Chimera encourages all players to be creative with their characters, but also must ask that precautions be made when creating them. No one likes a character that can do it all, known as God-Moding. For every strength, there should be a weakness. A well-balanced character is very much encouraged!

- If you desire to play a telepath or empath, please keep in mind that they will be looked at rather closely to ensure that they can't mind-control another player or such. These races are harder to play properly at times, and no one wants a player to be able to read their character's mind.

- Pegasus Fleet rules (see the above policies link) dictate that certain character races be approved by the Admiralty BEFORE they are allowed on a Pegasus Fleet Simulation. These are as follows:
-Shapeshifter (Changelings, Chameloids, 8472...)
-Androids, Augments or mobile emitter-equipped Holograms.
-Races from the Delta Quadrant.
-Races from the opposing side of recent wars or of a hostile nature to Starfleet.
-Characters with physical or mental powers beyond those shown by major characters on the shows/movies (Excluding other restricted or disallowed races)
-Characters with physical appearance or behavioural traits dissimilar enough so as to cause confusion over the characters actual age. (ie: Adults that look like children or -characters appearing childlike behave as adults)
-Characters from official sources, or their relations.

- The following races will be disallowed completely from Pegasus Fleet simulations:
-Borg, unless free from the collective.
-Q, half-Q, Q in human form, etc
-Any race that is prohibited from any form of contact with other races, such as the Talosians.

8. Regarding Short Posts, Inappropriate Posts
- Consistent Short or infrequent posts, inappropriate posts or overly explicit posts will be considered as grounds for removal after fair warning is given to the player.

In addition, in compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA), we do not accept players under the age of 13. Any players found to be under the age of 13 will be immediately removed without question. By agreeing to these terms, you are also saying that you are above the age of 13.